In this topic, you will be able to download wallpapers for your computer, read or print, in full, some Works and lectures published and available here in pdf, and obtain summaries of works presented at congresses.

Also available in this channel is the information about the installation of artificial nests and games and puzzles that can be printed out for children to use.

Araras - Araras Vermelhas

Araras - Araras Canindés

Araras - Filhotes dentro do ninho

Araras - Outras araras

Araras - Outras espécies que ocupam cavidades

Ninhos Naturais - Ximbuva

Ninhos Naturais - Manejo de ninhos naturais

Ninhos Artificiais - Manejo de ninhos artificiais


Who wouldn’t be delighted by the blue macaw, the world’s largest psittacidae. Seeing one in the wild for the first time is an unforgettable moment, and people generally like to have a souvenir, be it a photograph, video, t-shirt or handicraft item. Some people have expressed their enchantment with this species through “Art with the Macaws:” Poem, music, painting, drawing, handicraft, photograph and other forms of expression. Here, some artistic manifestations are listed that feature macaws.

If you would like to send us your contribution, please send it as a digital file to email


It would be hard to visit the Pantanal without taking a photograph of the blue macaw as a souvenir, to show you friends, or to publish in a magazine or newspaper. That’s how it has been in recent years, with numerous people coming to the Pantanal to see and photograph the blue macaw in its natural environment, as well as the entire local fauna. And macaws are easy to photograph, because they are curious birds, and like to come and see what’s happening. Why not take a photograph of your own? Come meet the macaw, and other animals of the Pantanal, and photograph them send us a copy, in high resolution and good quality, at (, which will posted in this part of the website with your name, date and place where it was taken.

Meet some professional photographers that have already visited us and gave their photos to the Institute. Many of pictures found in our web site are of these professionals:

Luciano Candisani
Luis Cláudio Marigo
Mark and Marie Stafford
Tony Pittman
Wagner Guimarães
Daniel De Granville


This space is for drawings done by children who took part in environmental education workshops developed by the Blue Macaw Project, under the coordination of Neliane Guedes Corrêa in the Pantanal. It features drawings by children who took part in the competitions at stands of the Projects in Fairs and Exhibitions, as well as drawings by children of Toyota do Brasil employees, who took part in a competition in 2006.

Drawing competition for children of Toyota do Brasil employees in Environment Week, in June 2006.

FECIR 2007 – 1st place 4-6 years – Carol – 5 years
FECIR 2007 – 1st place 7-10 years – Karolina Diandra – 8 years
FECIR 2007 – 2nd place 11-14 years – Mayra Cavagliere – 11 years
FECIR 2007 – 1st place 11-14 years – Hanael – 13 years
FECIR 2007 – 2nd place 7-10 years – Milena – 8 years
FECIR 2007 – 2nd place 4-6 years – Fátima B. – 5 years
FECIR 2007 – 3rd place 7-10 years – Kariela – 10 years
FECIR 2007 – Revelation – Gislaine Pedroga – 12 years
FECIR 2007 – 3rd place 11-14 years – Janaina Almeida – 13 years
FECIR 2007 – Revelation – Wellington Maldonado – 11 years
FECIR 2007 – Revelation – Josiel Dias 14 years
FECIR 2007 – Special Prize – Carina, 15 years

Painting Revelation – Sophia G. Cardoso 5 years


Here, you’ll be able to watch some short videos about the life of the macaws in the Pantanal. The videos will show everyday scenes, and new videos will be posted here regularly. So keep an eye out!!!

Some of the files below require RealPlayer to view them. This can be downloaded free of charge, from the website


These files were produced with the objective to take knowledge and interaction to children and adults. Print the piece of paper and fill in the word search, cross word puzzles, and find out what the macaw is saying.

• Word search
• Cross word
• Sentences and symbols
• Coloring

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