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Awards and Prizes

Due to the merit of the work, the originality, performance, dedication and results, Neiva Guedes and the Arara Azul Project received several awards, trophies and decorations.

Pieter Oyens Prize

PIETER OYENS PRIZE, to encourage young conservationists, up to 30 years of age, offered by the WWF-US. Neida Guedes was selected by an International Committee for her contribution to nature conservation in Brazil, in July 1995.

Identidade Sul Matogrossense Guaicuru Merit Award

Neiva Guedes received the MERIT AWARD for her relevant service towards the promotion and preservation of the memory and cultural identity of Mato Grosso do Sul/Guaicuru, awarded by the Guaicuru Cultural Unit, Campo Grande, October 6, 1998.

Woman Who Makes a Difference in the Environment Trophy 1998

– In December 1998, Neiva Guedes received the 1998 WOMAN WHO MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN THE ENVIRONMENT (MULHER QUE FAZ A DIFERENÇA EM MEIO AMBIENTE) TROPHY for her performance and the results achieved via the Blue Macaw Project-UNIDERP, awarded by the BPW-Campo Grande, the Association of Business and Professional Women of Campo Grande, Campo Grande-MS.

Cláudia Prize 1999

In October 1999, Neiva Guedes was voted one of the Ten Finalists for the CLAUDIA PRIZE 1999 for her talent, perseverance, and ability to create original solutions and contribute towards a better quality of life for Brazilians, Revista Claudia, São Paulo.

Arara Azul Trophy 2001

Neiva Guedes received the ARARA AZUL TROPHY for her dedication and work towards the conservation of hyacinth macaws in the wild, awarded by AMAS – The Mato Grosso do Sul Association of Retailers and Supermarkets, during the 21st Expo-Ecos, The Central-West Exposition and Meeting of Supermarkets, Campo Grande-MS, 03/27/2001.

Super Ecologia Prize 2002

The Blue Macaw Project, run by UNIDERP with the support of the Fundação Manoel de Barros, was awarded the 2nd Place SUPER ECOLOGIA 2002 PRIZE in the FAUNA/NGO category, awarded by the magazine SUPER Interessante, São Paulo, April 2002. Around 500 projects from all over Brazil were entered into the competition. The Panel of Judges included world-renowned experts and environmentalists, such as Fábio Feldmann, Fernando Gabeira, Gustavo Fonseca, João Paulo Capobianco, Paulo Nogueira Neto, and Peter Crawshaw.

FINEP Technology Innovation Prize 2002

The Blue Macaw Project received the FINEP TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE 2002, Central-West Region, for the “Conservation of the Hyacinth Macaw in the Mato Grosso do Sul Pantanal”, developed by UNIDERP. The trophy was presented in Cuiabá, 9/29/2002.

Golden Ark 2004

Neiva Guedes received the GRAND MASTER OF THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN ARK 2004, an honorary title granted by His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in recognition of people dedicated to nature conservation. The Knight of the Order of the Golden Ark Medal 2004 was presented at Soestdijk Palace, the Netherlands, on May 7, 2004.

Eco Citizen (Eco Cidadão) Prize 2004

Neiva Guedes received the ECO CITIZEN 2004 PRIZE, an award that recognizes the work, the attitude, and the actions of people and companies who collaborate towards the building of a more autonomous, equitable, and sustainable society. The trophy was presented during the IV International Seminar on “Urban Development, Globalization, and Sustainability – Oil-producing Cities – The Best Global Practices”, held in Macaé-RJ, on August 25, 2004.

Von Martius Environmental Prize 2004

The Blue Macaw Project was awarded the VON MARTIUS ENVIRONMENTAL PRIZE 2004, for winning 2nd Place in the Nature Category. The trophy is awarded by the Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Germany – and recognizes the merit of business, government, individual, and civil society initiatives that promote economic, social, and cultural development in regards to the environment. The Project, run under the auspices of UNIDERP and FMB, received the trophy in São Paulo on November 22, 2004.

Ecology and Environmentalism Prize

ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTALISM PRIZE, a trophy awarded to the Blue Macaw Project/UNIDERP by the Campo Grande City Hall – MS, as a tribute to the meaningful services provided. By recommendation of city council member Edil Albuquerque on June 10, 2005.

Honorable mention in the Arara Azul (Blue Macaw) Prize

Honorable Mention in the Arara Azul Prize at the NATIONAL MEETING OF SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION FOR 21ST CENTURY MAN – IV ENPIC, promoted by UNIDERP in Campo Grande/MS, for the paper “The use of a geographical information system (GIS) in the conservation of the blue and scarlet macaws of the Mato Grosso do Sul Pantanal” by Guedes, N. M. R.; Macieira, A. C.; Toledo, M. C. B.

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