TV and Video

TV and Video

TV and Video

Documentary about the Blue Macaw and the actions of the Blue Macaw Project, in the series THE WORLD’S MOST LOVED ANIMALS, which was broadcast on 12/12/2006 on British television channel ITV, 13 minutes.

Report on UM CASO DE SUCESSO: PROJETO ARARA AZUL, (A SUCCESS STORY: BLUE MACAW PROJECT), by the IESDE do Brasil SA, an environmental education program for Postgraduate and distance learning courses, broadcast in August 2006 for courses linked to the IESDE, Curitiba-PR, 37 minutes.

Report on the Blue Macaw Project and the Pantanal, on 01/31/06, on national television, on the TV Record channel, within the program REPORTER RECORD, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, 17 minutes.

Showing of report on the Blue Macaw Project on the Program TERRA DA GENTE, on national television, and on the channel TV Globo, on 4/21/06, 12 minutes.

Report on the Blue Macaw Project, on 2/5/05, on national German Television, on the channel RTL II (Radio and Television Luxembourg), within the program “Wild Things”.

Interview with Neiva Guedes of VBC, Producer and finalizer of the film: “Pantanal um olhar sobre o patrimônio da humanidade”, on 2/24/05, a film sponsored by PETROBRAS, to be shown in embassies in Brazil and abroad.

Interview with Neiva Guedes on 3/2/05 to be broadcast on the program of presenter Maurício Picarelli, part of SBT, on March 8, International Women’s Day.

Showing of report on the Blue Macaw Project filmada por uma equipe de Televisão Francesa, “Ushuaia”, dentro de uma matéria sobre o Pantanal, on Globo Repórter on 5/3/05.

On 5/22/05 a report was shown on TV Pantanal about the monitoring of nests by the Pousada Araraúna establishment, of the IPPAN/UNIDERP.

Domingão do Faustão – Projeto Arara Azul. Report for Domingão do Faustão with actress Maitê Proença as interviewer, on TV Globo, around 3 minutes in length. 11/07/2004.


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