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Currently, the Hyacinth Macaw Institute has been developing several projects, including: Hyacinth Macaw Project, Urban Birds Project – Macaws in the City, Environmental Education, among others.

The Hyacinth Macaw Project

Environmental education

Partnership Projects

What we do

The Project relies on a full-time team, generally 1-2 people in the first half and 3-6 people on the second half of the year, to develop the activities of monitoring, handling and research at Pantanal.

During the dry season, from June to November, we use the Toyota Hilux for travel and have access to almost all the nests. During the flooding season, some nests are isolated by water. In these occasions, we use tractors, boats, horses, or if necessary we go on foot, carrying all the necessary equipment in backpacks for up to several kilometers, depending upon the location of the nest.

The activities vary depending on the time of year whether the breeding period (2nd semester), the non-breeding period (1st semester), the climatic conditions, and individual needs.

Additionally, during the course of the year, we work with community involvement through environmental education for children, ranch hands, and ranch owners or in the schools, we give lectures, we conduct sewing, handicraft, and other workshops for low-income women, and we participate in fairs and exhibitions.

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