The Instituto Arara Azul

The Instituto Arara Azul (ITA) was founded on September 03, 2003. The Institute is a private, non-profit civil society, of indefinite duration and national scope with administrative and financial autonomy, with headquarters and jurisdiction in the City of Campo Grande, MS.

Our Mission
The mission of the Instituto Arara Azul is “To promote the conservation of the biodiversity seeking the rational use of natural resources and better quality of life”.

Our Vision
Our vision for the future is “To be a reference in the conservation of Nature!”.


INSTITUTO ARARA AZUL is a private non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, located in Campo Grande, primarily aimed at promoting environmental conservation. The Institute has been developing environmental protection projects with this purpose, such as Hyacinth Macaw Project, developed 30 years ago in Pantanal by maintaining viable populations of hyacinth macaws (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) in the wild in their natural habitat, over the medium and long-terms and other projects we invite you to visit.

Its mission is to “Promote the conservation and biodiversity, seeking rational usage of natural resources and better quality of life”.

As a non-governmental organization, the Instituto Arara Azul main purpose is to promote environmental conservation. The Institute has been developing projects for environmental protection; like the Hyacinth Macaw Project, developed almost 30 years ago in Pantanal, maintaining viable populations of hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), in the medium and long term in free life in their natural environment.

Other projects are also being carried out by Instituto Arara Azul; learn more about the other projects here.
In November 2013, the Sustainability Center (C.S.) opened in the Campo Grande – MS, whose construction was donated by the Toyota do Brasil Foundation. The C.S.’s objective is to foster the institution’s projects and implement viable alternatives for the generation of financial self-sustainability, compatible with the institutional mission.
Among the main actions that have been complementing the necessary resources for the execution of the Instituto Arara Azul projects, there is the Campaign “Adopt a Nest”; Macaw Observation Tourism in Pantanal and the Sponsorship Policy, through donations from Individuals and Legal Entities with different offers to their sponsors.


There is a long list of publications and publicity campaigns that have been carried out on the hyacinth macaw and other species since the start of the Project and Instituto Arara Azul. Numerous works have been, and are being produced, both by the Instituto Arara Azul team and by associated researchers, journalists and collaborators. We have therefore gathered here a list of publications and publicity campaigns that may not be complete, but that can be added to by the other references cited in the articles and works themselves.


Some articles, lectures and abstracts are available in pdf. They can be accessed and saved easily. Other publications are cited in references on the blue macaw and the Pantanal.

Book chapters, books, and academic works are available only in reference form, for consultation, but they can be found in libraries, universities, bookshops and magazines.


In this topic, you will find references to Works that have been, or are being carried out with the participation or support of the Instituto Arara Azul: doctoral theses concluded or in progress, master’s degree dissertations, monographs and student research works, in addition to lectures related to the academic area or not. All are given as references, so that they can be found in universities or libraries.


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