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Are you already familiar with our work with the hyacinth macaws, blue-and-yellow macaws, with the community, and/or our partnership projects? In common, all these projects need your support to stay alive! 

With this in mind, we have brought you 6 ways that you can support our work. Keep following.


Photo: Hyacinth Macaw Institute


1 – Make a donation 

The first form of help that comes to mind is donation, agree? In fact, this is one of the greatest helps we can receive from those who value our work. Your contribution allows us to continue our daily actions in all our projects, actively supporting our work and, consequently, supporting the conservation of biodiversity.

Individuals and companies can donate via PIX, through the identifier 05.910.537/0001-02 or QR Code (click here), PayPal (click here) or PagSeguro (click here). 

Or, if you would like to sponsor us (annual sponsorship), click on the link of your interest below and learn more about each donation category and its respective bonuses:


2- Adopt a Nest


For the admirers of the Hyacinth Macaw Project, our Adopt a Nest campaign is a great way to support its continuity. The giant hyacinth macaws lay their eggs mainly in nests made in the Manduvi tree. As trees wear down over time, faster than new trees grow, there are fewer and fewer nests for these endangered macaws, who still compete for space with other pairs of their own and other species. 

With this, our team manages the natural nests and also creates and installs artificial nests, increasing the number of cavities for the Hyacinth Macaws, which can also be used by other animals of the Pantanal fauna. In all, there are already more than 800 registered nests! All of them are also monitored and the birth and growth of the nestlings is closely followed. We tell you more about our actions and explain the importance of this project for the Hyacinth Macaws here.


Photo: Kefany Ramalho


This is where you come in: by sponsoring a nest, natural or artificial, you help directly in this work of handling, making and installing nests, and in monitoring the chicks. You can also follow closely the news of the adopted nest, baptize the birds that are born there, and get other information about the project. You also receive a welcome kit with a photo of your nest and also get publicized in the marketing of our campaign. 

To adopt contact us by phone (67) 3222-1205 or by email For more information about adoption, click here.


3- Adopt a Chick

Another campaign we have is Adopt a Chick, which helps our Urban Birds: Macaws in the City Project, by contributing directly to the monitoring of the nesting sites and nestlings of blue-and-yellow macaws in the more than 350 nests in Campo Grande, MS. 

The monitoring allows us to get to know the species better in the wild, to follow its reproductive success in Campo Grande, and to understand if, in the medium and long term, the city’s development will interfere with its reproduction.


Photo: Everson Freitas


The adoption of a nestling is symbolic and annual, during this time, you receive a course to become a godfather or godmother, a personalized mug, an adoption certificate from the Hyacinth Macaw Institute, with the nest number and the name of the godchild you will choose, and an exclusive photo, taken by the team of the Urban Birds – Macaws in the City Project, in high definition. Periodically, reports are sent with your sponsee’s information and information about the monitoring performed and the successes achieved. 

Of course, the sponsor who is interested can visit (with prior scheduling and the interested party’s own means of transportation) the adopted chick during the project’s monitoring, in Campo Grande, and get to know the team’s field work up close. Learn more about the symbolic adoption of a chick here.


4- Make donations and receive our products 


Photo: Hyacinth Macaw Institute


Backpacks, cases, bags, T-shirts, books, key rings, crafts, caps, and notebooks are some of the many products that you can choose from and exchange for donations. By donating through the products you help all of our action fronts. Access the donation store here


5- Donate equipment and materials

Photo: Fernanda Fontoura


In our work we need laptops, cameras, memory cards, binoculars, GPS, among many other essential items for field trips and subsequent data compilation in our database. Equipment and research materials are essential and therefore, you can also help the Hyacinth Macaw Institute by donating them. Get in touch!


6- Publicize our work 

As important as the other ways to help is the dissemination of our work. The more people get to know our fauna, our projects, follow our social media and understand the importance of our work, the more our biodiversity will be valued. With this, the population will have more respect and admiration not only for the beloved macaws, but also for all wild animals. 

So we ask that you please do not stop sharing our work, we are together in this fight for biodiversity conservation!


Text by Jéssica Amaral Lara

Reviewed by Gustavo Figueirôa